The swim will take place off the Seafront in Bray, Co Wicklow. The direction of the swim will depend on the direction of the current on the day of the race and will be announced at the race briefing before the race. It is a 750m swim and wetsuits are mandatory. We usually run a wet start, so swimmers will be in the water when the race begins. Swimmers will swim out to the first buoy, swim around it and keep all buoys between them and the coast. After turning around the last buoy, it will be a straight swim into the coast.

See blow the 2 potential swim routes (North to South in yellow, South to North in orange):



Upon exiting the water, swimmers will run across the beach up into transition; Bray is a stony beach so we will lay down a carpet for you to run on. Once into transition, individual competitors will find the corresponding box for their race number where they will have arranged their runners beforehand. Wetsuits should be left in the box provided. For relays, swimmers should run through transition to the point where the runners will be waiting – this will be announced at the race briefing.


The run route is approximately 5km and consists of 2 laps. Upon leaving transition, you will first turn left to run North along the promenade to the first turnaround point. From there you will turn South and run towards Bray Head. Once you reach the end of the promenade you will notice a sharp increase in elevation; our advice is to take it easy up the hill and then push your pace coming back down! On your first lap, you will return the the turnaround-point, on your second lap you will be directed to finish across the grass along the finishing chute and under the Wicklow Triathlon Club archway.