Frequently Asked Questions

The race is a 750m sea swim followed by a 5km run. For more details, see the course details.
Bray Seafront. Registration will be in The Martello Hotel and the race will start by the bandstand opposite the hotel.
The cost is €20 for individual entries or €25 for a relay team per race. There is also an option of entering all 3 races at once which costs €50. Please note: You will need to have a Triathlon Ireland race licence or a one-day license in order to compete (see below for more details).
Both! You can now register online or you can also register on the night of each race. There is also an option to purchase entries for all 3 races at once; this can be done prior to the first race, either on the Triathlon Ireland website or at registration on the first night.
Yes. The races are sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland and so a race license must be presented at registration. If you do not have a race license, a One-Day License must be purchased (either ahead of time or on the night). If you cannot present your race license on the night, you must purchase a One-Day license to compete – this are the Triathlon Ireland regulations. Your license covers you for insurance purposes so we cannot stress how important it is that you have one – you will not be allowed to compete without one.
Yes, relay teams are welcome! In fact, we have a prize on the night for the first relay team to finish. Both members of the team must have a valid Triathlon Ireland license or a One-Day license for insurance purposes.
Yes – unless the seas unexpectedly raise several degrees in temperature, wetsuits are mandatory.
No, but as it is a Triathlon Ireland-affiliated race anti-nudity rules to apply. Your torso must be covered during the race, including transition. So, if you don't own a tri-suit, feel free to wear a vest top/t-shirt under your wetsuit.
Yes! If you are new to open-water swimming, don’t worry – we will have kayaks and the coastguard in the water and our kayakers will ensure that everyone gets through the swim. If you are new to running, it’s 2 laps of the run route and very manageable – just take your time and you’ll get through it.
This is ok as long as you (a) register on the night and show that you have a valid race license or purchase a One-Day License and (b) alert the marshals that you have withdrawn from the race after the swim. Since we need to count swimmers in and out of the water, for the safety of other swimmers please do not mess with our head-count. It has happened before and it is nothing short of dangerous; yes, the water is open to everyone, but we need to know exactly how many swimmers we are responsible for so please, please, please – just don’t do it.
Both are acceptable, and both seem to be used interchangeably. Traditionally our races have been known as the “aquathon series”.
Ideally you will do some form of open-water swimming before the race along with enough run training to cover most of, if not all of, the distance. Wicklow Triathlon Club run open water swimming sessions on Monday nights throughout the summer so you might want to consider joining us!
Swim hats will be provided at registration. However, given how cold the Irish Sea tends to be, we would recommend that you bring a second hat to wear underneath!
No. We will have a bag-drop area for your bags. Otherwise, all items in transition must be left in or beside your designated box.
No. We will have access to bathrooms in the Martello but not to showers unfortunately. However, you're always welcome to wash go for a post-race dip in the sea to rinse off!