The Triathlon will take place in Wicklow Town, starting in Wicklow Harbour. It will be an Olympic distance race comprising of a 1500m swim, a 40km cycle and a 10km run.

Note: This route is provisional and subject to change.


The 1500m swim will start in Wicklow Harbour, go North parallel to the shore, turn left towards the shore, left again to go South parallel to the shore once more, left again parallel to the pier and return into the Harbour:

Please note: Due to road closures, there will be a swim cut-off of 50 minutes from when the swimmer enters the water. This will be based on the chip time.


This year the bike course will be slightly longer than 40km; it is an out-and-back route and will start up the Port Road in Wicklow away from the Harbour and out onto the road to Rathnew. It will then take a left up a short but sharp hill and onto a road that will steadily bring you up to The Beehive pub. Once at the Beehive, you will take the first exit on the roundabout and follow the old N11 road south, with the turnaround happening at the roundabout after Jack White’s Inn:

Route Video

Route Map

Please note: Due to road closures, there will be a cut-off on the cycle this year of 2 hours based on the competitor’s chip time.


The run will be 10km. Competitors will leave transition and run out the Port Road for over 2km before turning the way they came. Once past transition they will cross the new cycling path past the Leitrim pub and over the bridge onto the South Quays; this is the start of lap 1 of 2 laps of Wicklow Town. From here the route follows the South Quays all the way down to the lighthouse at the end, around and back as far as the steps that bring you up to the entrance of the Black Castle. From there competitors will run down Quarantine Hill and back onto the South Quays as far as the junction with Bridge Street, either to turn around to start lap 2 or to continue onto the new Finishing Area back near Transition (new for 2017).