National Series 2016

While the ladies had a good year in 2015 in the National Series finishing 6th, the men had a less-than-spectacular year finishing 24th. As such, we are encouraging members this year to target the National Series in 2016.


Martina and Karen have already started rousing support for the ladies' team and are willing to share some of their wisdom with the men's team, but we would like to encourage someone to come forward and volunteer to be the men's club captain to help orchestrate a jump in rankings this year. See Darren's post on the forum for more details. Also, have a read of what Martina said on the same thread:

As many of you will be aware (especially if you have bumped into Karen in the last few weeks :whistle:) we are making a special effort this season to encourage participation of female members in National Series races - to save any tears we will also help the guys to get their act together by including them in some of what we are doing.
National series races are a great opportunity for individual members to 'give it a go' and put all the hard work of training into action. From a club perspective it gives us a chance, as a collective, to work together to try to be the best club we can be. It is true that only the six people with the highest points count at the end of the season BUT most importantly by participating, even if you don't make it into the top six your participation in a race gives more opportunity for additional points to be scored (we'll explain more about this later :huh:)
And yes, as Owen pointed out yesterday, it is the ultimate domestique - doing your best for the team even if you don't end up on top. But isn't that the joy of being part of a club and working together towards a common goal?
Over the coming months we will be organising various different initiatives to help build confidence and triathlon skills. Some of the initiatives will be aimed at all athletes in the club while some will be aimed specifically at the ladies - and yes lads, there are just some things we need to do alone. All ideas, help, encouragement and positive vibes will be really welcome.
So, roll on the coming months of training and the new season - we'll be ready.


Please keep an eye on the forum for more details.