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08/12/2013 – WTC Junior Duathlon

Our junior club duathlon was held on Dec 8th and was a great success! We didn’t suffer too much with the weather, as the rain stayed away until the very end. However, there was a tough wind that made it a little more challenging for our junior athletes. The youngest went out first. One lap of the inner field which was all grass, then into transition and onto their bikes. Off they went then on the outer circle which proved tough as there was a slight hill and the wind and the leaves, some pedals falling off…it was all going on! Back into transition again for the final run and you could see how tough it was as the little red faces whizzed by.


There was great support by the way of marshalls, bike marshalls, parents and some senior members so thank you to all who helped out during the day.  After the race the juniors huddled under the gazebo and scoffed all the home baked goods and hot chocolate which was well deserved! We then had our medal presentation:


Yellow wave

1st Isabelle Myhall

2nd Hugh Parker

3rd Lily Sheehy



1st Dylan Neve

2nd Sean Lundy

3rd Cormac Flavin



Joint 1st Archie and Will Ryan

2nd Stephen Bowes

3rd Garrett Myhall

Well done to all who took part. We hope you had a great day.

05/12/2013 – WTC Junior Swim Gala

Hot on the heels of our Duathlon was the WTC Junior Swim Gala. This consisted of 4 races for 3 age groups.  We had a 25m Front Crawl Sprint, 50m Front Crawl Sprint, 25m breastroke and 25m backstroke(double distance for the older age group).  It was great to see such a good turnout of swimmers.  Donning their new WTC swim caps, they were off! There was a great feeling of camaraderie between the juniors and again support from the sidelines from the parents and some senior members.  At the end of the official races we had a Boogie Board Relay race which was great fun.

All swimmers were awarded a certificate with their best effort recorded.  All children received a chocolate Santa as well which was well received.  Well done to those who took part.  You all did brilliant!