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09/04/2014 – Fingal Junior Duathlon

The junior race season is well underway with 2 of our junior members having raced in the Fingal Junior Duathlon on Saturday 5th April, up in the very picturesque Ardgillan Castle in Balbriggan
Fortunately the rain stayed away for most of the day, however we were faced with the challenge of a pretty mucky course. There were over 90 kids entered so things got a bit chaotic, but all in all they did very well with one of our young members coming 1st in the female  8-9 years wave and a 2nd member coming 2nd in the male 10-11 years category.  Well done guys.  Great effort in tough conditions.


Check out the race reports below!!



Race report from our winner in the female 8-9 years wave

“I was really excited about doing my Duathlon with my daddy on the same day at the Fingal Tri Junior Duathlon on Saturday.  I got my race number and went to put my new road bike on the rack.  But all the bikes fell down and the rack broke and so the marshalls had to put all the bikes back on the rack.  Then the race began.  I had to run for 400 metres down a small track then run back into the transition to get my bike.  It was busy! Lots of kids everywhere! I got my bike and started the bike. It was nice because I got to ride my new bike on the roads and I passed out a lot of the kids in my group.  I went off and did the second run which was 600 metres and I tried to catch the boy in front of me.  Then I saw the finish line and sprinted hard.  The time keeper told me Congratulations you are the first girl home! I was happy. We had to wait til the afternoon for the prize giving. I knew I was 3rd place overall so thought I would just get a medal for 3rd but I was so surprised when they gave me a trophy for  1st place girl.  I was so surprised and happy”.


Race report from our winner in the male 10-11 years wave

“I arrived at the car park very tired as I had been woken up at a quarter to seven by my mum and I stayed up really late the night before to watch a school play. We walked over to the registration tent to get my race numbers and then went back to the car to get my bike and put it in transition after that we went and did some warm ups but when we got back to transition for the briefing all the bikes had fallen over so the start was delayed. After the marshals had fixed that it was time for the race briefing and it was very confusing for everybody. When the race started I did well on the first run and cycle. When I came in to transition a girl took my bike (actually mums racer borrowed for today) and didn’t tell me where to go for the last run so I ended up doing one lap of the six to seven year olds track until my mum asked a marshal where to go. I ended up doing one lap too many. When I finished we went home as we didn’t have time to stay for the prize giving. I only knew that I came second when Heidi rang to say I’d won a trophy and we could pick it up at the track the next day.
I really enjoyed the competition. Not sure I enjoyed doing the race report afterwards. Lesson learned is to find out the course during the briefing. I can’t wait for the next one”.

01/04/2014 – WTC at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Well it didn’t take long for our young members to jump on board when we first suggested the idea to take part in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Greystones.  As always, they demonstrated their usual level of camaraderie and enthusiasm to help represent Wicklow Triathlon Club.  The best triathlon club in the world.


Undeterred by the chilly weather conditions, everyone donned their finest WTC blue hoodies or t-shits, with a couple of green wigs and shamrocks too.  Well, it was St Patrick’s Day after all.


Along with our junior athletes, we also had a number of senior club members, committee members and coaches talking part, with Coach Lisa showing off her lovely new tan, fresh from her tough training week in Lanzarote.  We also had 1 year old Freya at the centre of it all.  We really do start them young at Wicklow Tri!!


The parade started at Shoreline Leisure Centre, a place that we’re all very familiar with from our regular Sunday swims. We then proceeded up the main street of Greystones, past the viewing stand, where the commentator described us as some of the fittest and healthiest people in the county.  Not sure if he would have been so quick with his complements if he’d seen us all tucking into the green ice-cream afterwards though.


As usual, we had lots of smiles and laughter along the way and I think we were all very proud to be involved in another enjoyable event with Wicklow Tri Club.  Thanks again to all our members who took part.  You did your club proud and we’re already looking forward to 2015’s parade.  Think we’ll be nominating Coach Conor to wear his wetsuit next year :)