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Kids of the West Triathlon, Carrigaholt Co.Clare, 29th June 2014

Fantastic race report from one of our junior members, following his recent success at the Kids of the West race in Co. Clare.  Congrats from all at Wicklow Tri!

“I really like Kilkee because I go there every summer to stay in my Nanny’s mobile. It was really busy with thousands of people in the town for Hell of the West. There were lots of Wicklow Tri people in transition and they were all together beside the band stand. The weather was really hot on Saturday and the triathlon was brilliant. John Darcy and Liamo won their races so I wanted to do really well for Wicklow Tri Club too on Sunday.

After Hell of the West my Dad changed the saddle and handlebars and pedals on his bike so I could fit on it and I spent ages practising my cycling. I love road bikes! On Sunday morning we went to Carrigaholt for the Kids of the West race, it is the next town to Kilkee where the dolphin watch boats go from. I got a big surprise because Rose and John and Anne from Wicklow Tri Club were there. Rose told me I could do really well so I wanted to win. There were loads of people setting up the course and transition so I got my bike and runners and stuff all setup. The 11-14’s had a long swim so they all had wetsuits on and I wanted to wear mine but Dad convinced me that I didnt need mine for my 50 metres swim.

I was very nervous before the start because my race had 43 entries and lots of them were wearing tri suits and had really nice bikes in transition. The tide was very far out and the water was shallow.

We all walked out to the start. When the race started I tried to swim but it was very shallow. I did some dolphin dives like I saw them doing in the 11-14 race and then saw people running in the shallow water. Everybody started running so I did too. I was around the top 10 into the transition and put on my runners, helmet and glasses as fast as I could.

Our cycle was 2km and was steep up hill like the Hell of the West. I had a big smile because I was able to fly up the hill and passed out about 5 or 6 people before we did our U turn. Coming back down the hill I went as fast as I could go. When I got back to the transition Rose and John and Dad were at the bike line. I tried to stop a bit fast before the line and went over the handlebars! I was OK and the bike was OK so I just got up and went as fast as I could.

I was tired from the cycling because I went as fast as I could. There was a guy in front of me so I ran up behind him and stayed there for most of the running. When we got back close to the finish I ran as fast as I could. I passed the guy out and everybody was clapping and cheering at me and telling me to sprint for the finish because I was third. I was so happy to finish third but was so tired I couldn’t breathe and felt sick!

Everybody was really nice to me for finishing third and I felt very proud. We all got medals and then there was a presentation of trophies. I was presented with my trophy by Aaron O’Brien who won the Hell of the West triathlon and who is the National Champion”.


Fingal Junior Triathlon, Skerries, 14th June 2014

There was only 1 Wicklow Junior member to take part in the Fingal Triathlon race on Saturday.

Her age group was 8-9 years and there were about 20 kids entered in her wave.  She had to do a beach start and a 100m sea swim.  Although many parents (myself included) thought it was actually more like 200m. Due to some confusion at the start, most kids stopped at the first buoy and walked rather than swam. Our junior went off fast and lead the swim pack to almost the end when the current started to take them out a little.  They aborted the swim and kayakers brought them in to shore. Our junior was 3rd out of the water and quickly ran down the beach to the bike racks. Her transition was spot on and she was first out on the bike to the 2.5km cycle on closed roads. A boy managed to catch her and they played cat and mouse until T2.  Once on the run she took off (700m) round the rugby pitch and dropped the boy. She did a strong run and managed to pull away and came in first.  So she was not only 1st girl home, but 1st overall beating the whole field. She thoroughly enjoyed it all and we had great warm weather and she was delighted with herself for really giving it a go. Well done! We are very proud of your efforts.