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Loughrea Junior Triathlon National Championships, 3rd August 2014

Two WTC junior members competed in the  BSM national triathlon championship in Loughrea, Galway on the 3rd August.   It was a fairly tough course- a choppy lake swim and technical bike course.

Our first junior was in the 7-9 group and was first to race. The lake was warm but quite choppy. Most of the competitors dolphin-dived and ran. Not a lot of swimming!  The bike course was up a hill then down another hill round the turnaround and back up the hill! She crashed at the dismount line with a few others and got quite a shock. But she picked herself and her bike up and continued the race with tears in the eyes and managed to get 3rd place and on the podium. Well done for not giving up!

Our second competitor was in the 10-11 age group. Here the competition was extremely tough. The swim section was out to a buoy around it and on to a second buoy and back in the other side of the jetty.  He got a great start with his head down and was out near the head of the pack.  The going got tough with the waves and the crowd of swimmers around the buoy.  He finished the swim saying “that was horrible”. However once on the bike he had a smile on his face and then it was on to the run with his trade mark sprint finish.  He finished 19 out of 50 in his age group which he was more than happy with and despite the swim loved it.

This is a great race for the juniors to do although the competition is quite fierce. But it’s very well run and easily do-able as a day trip from Wicklow. All finishers get a medal and goodie bag and there are very nicely presented trophies for podium places. The club is very welcoming and we will hopefully be going back next year.