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Junior Beast of the East Triathlon

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Wicklow Triathlon Club and IPB Insurance are happy to announce that this year the Beast of the East Triathlon will be a dedicated junior event taking place on October 3rd in Wicklow Town.  This is going to be a spectacular day for all the family and we have the most amazing swim planned in Wicklow Harbour, a special bike course along the new Wicklow port access road and a run to remember along the scenic Murrough.

WTC Youth Aquathon - Alan Rowlette Photography 056

With the help of IPB Insurance the junior committee has put together a massive event which is open to all juniors from 8 to 16 years of age with a big focus on participation.  We are calling on all triathlon clubs, swimming clubs, cycling clubs, athletic clubs, rugby and football clubs, schools, societies and anybody who feels that they are up to a challenge to join us in Wicklow for the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon.

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Junior Aquathon Results – 26/08/15

Congratulations to everyone who took part in round 2 of our Bray Junior Aquathon series. We really hope you enjoyed the evening.  We were much luckier with the sea conditions this time round and once again, the passers by were astounded at the talent and determination of the Junior athletes.  Well done to you all!  We hope to have a race report from some of our Juniors shortly.


The results for last night’s Aquathon are as follows:
Number Elapsed Time Name Class
160 0:03:30 Charlie Gannon BLUE
137 0:03:31 Noah Harris BLUE
145 0:03:57 Molly O’Bric BLUE
154 0:04:21 Adam Butler BLUE
148 0:04:25 Isabelle MacGowan BLUE
158 0:04:50 Finn Morrissey BLUE
162 0:05:00 Eanna Buck BLUE
166 0:05:03 Lorcan Flavin BLUE
134 0:05:06 Finn Lundy BLUE
136 0:09:28 Finn Harris GREEN
155 0:09:35 Joshua Butler GREEN
152 0:09:35 Maja Gralki GREEN
163 0:11:20 Raynah Byrne GREEN
140 0:11:30 Eva Sterritt GREEN
161 0:12:30 Katie Gannon GREEN
142 0:13:25 Hannah McKeever GREEN
165 0:13:39 Alannah Guilfoyle GREEN
149 0:14:07 Alexandra MacGowan GREEN
138 0:14:29 Archie Bremner GREEN
141 0:14:32 Alex McKeever GREEN
159 0:14:50 Jacob O’Sheehan GREEN
146 0:14:06 Charlie Pearse YELLOW
135 0:14:45 Seán Lundy YELLOW
139 0:15:00 Seán Pender YELLOW
156 0:15:02 John Butler YELLOW
164 0:16:39 Anna Ní Challanáin YELLOW
150 0:16:45 Garret Keogh YELLOW
151 0:17:53 Kate O’Neill YELLOW
153 0:16:37 Julia Gralki RED
157 0:16:52 John Cleary RED
147 0:19:25 David King RED
144 0:20:43 Sacha O’Neill RED
143 0:24:36 Joshua Good RED