Halloween Party Pics

WOW,  What a day!

Costume Captial

Well done all of the juniors and all the brave seniors who dressed up for the fancy dress run yesterday.  It was a smashing day and maybe a little bit warm to be running in fancy dress but everybody looked like they were having a great time!

Ghoulish Girls

We didn’t go un-noticed either with cars beeping at the runners and families smiling and clapping the juniors along the busy promenade in Greystones.

The Fun Runners

Top marks to all the Junior leaders who put together a load of really fun games too.  An hour of frolics in the gym hall saw Lisa dunked up to her shoulders into ice cold water bobbing for apples.  Pumpkin bowling on one side, mummy wrapping on the other and only the brave tried the spooky dip, fishing goodies out of cold and slimey bucket of who knows what!

Sugar... lots of sugar!
And then there was the party!  Well done everybody, a great day out for our juniors.  How lucky are we?


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