Courses for Junior Beast of the East

As we mentioned on the main Junior Beast of the East page, the Junior Beast of the East is a Triathlon.  This means it is a continuous race comprising of a swim course, a bicycle course and a running course.  We have Triathlon Ireland approved race distances to suit all ages which you can see in the table below.

Here you see the individual distances of the swim, bike and run courses broken down by age category.  It is important to note that the entrant’s age at the 31st of December 2019 determines the age category that he or she will be entered into.


8-9 100m 1km 800m
10-11 200m 2km 1.6km
12-13 300m 4km 2.4km
14-15 400m 6km 3.2km

The Swim Courses


The swim will take place in the sea but within “The Cove” which is very sheltered.  All of the swim courses will be in shallow water and there will be marshals standing in the water along the course and kayaks supervising.  Because this is Ireland and the water is always a bit chilly, all athletes must wear a wetsuit for the swim.  Most people either own a wetsuit or know somebody that they can borrow one from.  We will have SOME wetsuits available to borrow on the day but please do not rely on this or at least let us know if you absolutely can not get your hands on one and we will try to arrange one for you.

The swim start will be within your depth and everybody starts in one go.  It is important to pace yourself along the swim as you have a long race ahead of you!  Don’t panic whatever you do, you will be just fine.  Relax and swim as you normally would, we will be watching you and will help if you get anxious.  Once you complete the course (colour coded in the aerial view) you will exit along a carpet we will lay across the pebble beach and then run to the “Transition Area” where you will have parked your bike ready to race complete with your helmet and any other equipment you will need like a towel, shorts, a shirt and shoes.

The Bicycle Course

Bike Course

Once you have removed your wetsuit, put on any clothes you have left in the “Transition Area” and importantly after you have fastened your helmet, you can push your bike out to the “Mount Line” where marshals will allow you to start cycling.  Your bike course again depends on your age category but will be one or more laps of the same 1km bike course.  The youngest age group will complete only one single lap but all other groups will complete several laps, passing their supporters each lap.    You must not cycle inside the transition area so once again the marshals will show you where to dismount your bike when you have completed the bike leg of your triathlon.  From here you should push your bike back to your transition place and only after you have racked your bike are you allowed to remove your bike helmet.  You are now ready to start the final part of your triathlon, the running race.

The Run Course

Run Course

You have done a fantastic job by getting this far but once you get back to the “Transition Area” for the second time it will be to park your bike, remove your helmet and if you are wearing cycling shoes, you will want to swap these for runners.  As fast as you can do this you can head straight out on your run course.  Like the swim and cycle, these are different distances to suit your age.  Your course will be very well marked with signs and we will have marshals all along the course to guide you.  You will have lots of supporters to cheer you along, particularly as you get close to the finish.  It is very important that you put on your best smile for the finish and look just as proud as all of your supporters. Punching the air and cheering loudly are strongly encouraged, you have done a great job and by stomping across that finish line, you have conquered the Beast!

The finish area is where the magic happens as you cross the line under a proper finish arch with all of your friends and family there to cheer you home.  We will have water and some snacks at the finish as you will have worked hard and probably “emptied the tank” on the race course.  You will be given a finisher’s medal and if you are lucky enough to finish first, second or third in your race wave we will have a presentation ceremony after the races.

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    1. Hi Tara,
      The races start @ 13:00

      There is a dedicated page with all the instructions on how to enter. There will also be a limited registration available on the race day from 11:00 – 12:30 at Greystones Sailing Club at Greystones Harbour.
      I hope this helps.

      See you there.

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