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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.  If you have any questions that are not covered below then by all means contact us by email (using the contacts button above) and we would be happy to answer.

When is this race?

The race takes place on Sunday September 15th 2019

Where does this race take place?

The race is in the seaside town of Greystones, Co Wicklow.  We have maps showing each part of the race venue on our courses page.  Car parking is available FOR FREE on the course.

What is triathlon?

A continuous race comprising of a swim, a bike and running race element.

How long are the race course distances for kids?

Have a look at the table on our courses page. The age category for your child is based on their age at 31st December 2019

Are the races timed?

Yes, but only approximate times.  Distances are not exact and the Junior Beast of the East is a fun-filled challenge which is all about participation.  We really want to see people try this out because we know that they will love it and we really hope that everybody decides to try it again, and again, and again!

Can you describe a typical race day experience?

You will typically:

  • Register
  • Set up your bike/run equipment at your transition area
  • Attend your race briefing
  • Swim, cycle, run and celebrate like crazy!
Do I need to get into the water with my child?

No, we brief all the athletes before the swim start and have escorts in the water as well as kayaks to supervise.  Everybody will be supervised and if necessary helped through the swim.

What should my child wear for the Swim portion of the race?

The athletes may wear swim togs/swim suit or a tri-suit but must wear a wetsuit as the swim is in open water.  You will get a really special swim hat in your Goodie Bag but you should bring swimming goggles to keep water out of your eyes.  Please bring a wetsuit, buy one or borrow one but if you really can not do so contact us in advance to see can we organise a loan of one for you.

Can my child use his/her own flotation device?

No, athletes should be able to complete the distance of their swim unaided.  Don’t worry if they are nervous, we are there to help all the way.  If an entrant can not swim then we can arrange a “splash & dash” to allow them to do the race without actually swimming the swim.

What type of bike can my child use?

Any bike will do, this triathlon is all about participation.  The older categories are over longer distances but the course is made up of short laps with a tight corner at each end.  A special, expensive, fast race or time trial bike is overkill and good bike handling skills will be far more important than a fast bike.   As there is a slight uphill and downhill gradient on the course we would recommend a bike with gears for all but the youngest wave but it is not essential.

What clothing should my child wear cycling?

All competitors must cover their torso and the top of their thighs for the cycle and run.  A tri-suit would do but most will just put a t-shirt and shorts over their swim togs/swim suit before starting the cycle.  You must wear some type of shoes, no bare feet are allowed on the bicycle leg.  The bike leg is short so there is a limit to the advantage you will get from cycling shoes and pedals but these are allowed if have them and would like to wear them

What clothing should my child wear while running?

All competitors must cover their torso and the top of their thighs for the cycle and run.   Athletes and parents should remember that this race is held in a public place so aside from the inflexible Triathlon Ireland regulation you must cover up once you take off your wetsuit after the swim.  A tri-suit would be ideall but most competitors will just put a t-shirt and shorts over their swim togs/swim suit before starting the cycle and run.  You must also wear some type of shoes, no bare feet are allowed on the run.

What type of shoes should my child wear?

We always suggest that the same pair of running shoes are worn for the bike leg and the run leg as this makes for a swift transition from bike to run.  Bear in mind how difficult it is to put shoes on to wet feet with cold hands and fingers fumbling with shoe laces.  One pair of shoes to cover the bicycle and run leg would be our top tip.  Any comfortable trainers or running shoes are just fine.

What is the Transition area?

The transition area is a fenced off area where your race equipment will be set up for you to transition from swim to bike and bike to run.  Your transition area is your own little place where you will park your bike, helmet and any other gear you need during the race.  You may put a towel on the ground here to stand on as this is where you will change from your swim wetsuit into your cycling gear for the cycle and then again later into your running gear for the run.  This is “your” place in the transition area and it is against the rules to interfere with anybody else’s gear in transition so be considerate, set it up in a sensible way in front of your bike.  Our top tip is to put some talcum powder into your shoes and don’t worry with socks.  Remember you will have wet feet and cold fingers after the swim!

Who is allowed in the Transition area?

Only athletes and official transition marshals can enter the transition area.  Your family and friends can NOT come in to help you but the marshals are there to do this so you have nothing to be anxious about.  You will be briefed before the race with instructions on transition and how it will work.

What items should be set up in the Transition area?

A towel to dry off after the swim and to stand on as you change and then the clothes/equipment you will wear on the bike and run leg of the race.

All of your bike equipment

  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Shoes/Runners
  • Socks (optional, most don’t wear socks as they slow down the transition)


All of your running equipement

  • Runners/Trainers
  • Hat, visor or sun glasses if the weather is nice!
What is the Bag Drop area?

We will have a corner of the transition area set aside where you can leave your extra bags and warm, dry clothes to wear later on after the race.  Most people will have a bag of stuff to setup their transition area but which they will ask us to mind at the bag drop while they are racing.  Only people with a race number and wrist band may put bags into or collect bags from the bag drop area.

What kind of equipment does my child need to participate?
  • A wetsuit:  Any kind, shortie, surfing or swimming wetsuits are fine.
  • A bicycle:  Any kind of bike but one with gears will be easier to use on the longer race distances
  • A helmet:  Everybody must have a bike helmet with a working and well-adjusted chin strap to be allowed to start the race.  This is checked as you setup transition, you will not be allowed to race if it is damaged or not working correctly.  This rule is not flexible!
  • Trainers/Runners:  You must wear shoes so a pair of runners or trainers is fine.
What clothing should my child wear?

Everybody must cover their torso and the top of their thighs so either a tri-suit or a t-shirt & shorts must be worn on the bike and run leg.  You may wear togs/swim suit under your wetsuit and then change out of your wetsuit and into the t-shirt and shorts at your transition area.

Bring lots of layers of warm dry clothes and maybe a wooly hat too for after the race.  Remember that you will be cycling and running in wet clothes and we can not control the weather on the day so prepare for afterwards, bring warm clothes!

When does my child need to start wearing his/her bike helmet?

You must put on your helmet and close the chin strap before you pick up your bicycle.  This is very important, is a Triathlon Ireland rule, is not flexible and the race director will remind you in your race briefing.

How do I register for the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon?

There is a dedicated How to Enter page with all the instructions on how to enter.  You must have a Triathlon Ireland race license or a Triathlon Ireland One Day License to be allowed to start the race.  Please read the instructions carefully.

If you have entered the race via the Triathlon Ireland entry system you still have to Register for the race (where you collect your race number, wrist band, swim cap and of course, your bag of goodies!).  Registration will be open at Shoreline Leisure, Mill Road, Greystones on Friday 13th of September from 6 – 8pm.  There will also be a limited registration available on the race day from 11:00 – 12:30 at Greystones Sailing Club at Greystones Harbour.

What is a GOODIE BAG?

Everybody who enters will receive a bag containing your race number, a coloured wrist-band to help you and us organise the races, a swim hat which is yours to keep as a souvenir and goodies, nice goodies!  We have put together lots of cool stuff for you to keep, eat and drink.  Your goodie bag will be more valuable than your entry cost so again, really worth it this year!

When and where can I pick up my Goodie Bag?

We will update this page closer to the race date especially if anything changes but there will be a special registration where you collect your race number, hat etc.  This will be open at Shoreline Leisure, Mill Road, Greystones on Friday 13th of September from 6 – 8pm.  There will also be a limited registration available on the race day from 11:00 – 12:30 at Greystones Sailing Club at Greystones Harbour..

Are there briefings prior to the race start?

Yes, we will have a mass briefing on race day and then a wave briefing for each age category before the race start.  We will go through every little detail of the race for you and we can answer any questions you may still have afterwards.

What happens if it rains during the event?

Unless the weather is really, really bad then the race will continue.  We will deal with a bad forecast in advance of the race (see below) but on the day a little shower is only a nuisance for all of your fans and supporters.  You are triathletes so you are tough and resilient superheroes in a world full of ordinary people!

What happens if the race is cancelled due to inclement weather?

We have your email address from when you registered.  We will send you a message by email, will update social media sites such as Facebook and will put messages up on our News Page in the unlikely event of really bad weather cancelling the race.

If you have not found the answer to any question please use the Contact Us link above and send us your query.  We’re really looking forward to seeing you in Wicklow for the Junior Beast of the East!

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  1. Hi there, I signed up my son for this triathlon on the website.. His membership card has arrived, but now I’m not sure if I did everything right and he’s actually on the list to do this race on Sunday? Should I get an email confirmation? His name is Fionn Cussen… He’s only 8 and it’s his first time entering a triathlon!

  2. Hi Sophia,
    Yes, he is entered and yes all competitors will receive final instructions and a race briefing by email. This will include details of how and where you register on the day of the race or next Friday evening if that is convenient.
    Looking froward to meeting you all at the weekend and tell him from us that he’ll have a fantastic time!

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