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Wicklow Triathlon Club and IPB Insurance are happy to announce that this year the Beast of the East Triathlon will be a dedicated junior event taking place on October 3rd in Wicklow Town.  This is going to be a spectacular day for all the family and we have the most amazing swim planned in Wicklow Harbour, a special bike course along the new Wicklow port access road and a run to remember along the scenic Murrough.

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With the help of IPB Insurance the junior committee has put together a massive event which is open to all juniors from 8 to 16 years of age with a big focus on participation.  We are calling on all triathlon clubs, swimming clubs, cycling clubs, athletic clubs, rugby and football clubs, schools, societies and anybody who feels that they are up to a challenge to join us in Wicklow for the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon.

Happy Triathletes

Thanks to the generous support we have received from IPB Insurance we are now offering entries to absolutely anybody within the age categories listed below and have a massive goodie bag and purse of prizes to share out.  We are aiming to promote triathlon to a new and wider audience and in parallel, promote healthy exercise as a fun way to use your spare time right across the community.

Why do we do this you might well ask?  Put very simply, we have a lot of experience encouraging young people into sport through triathlon and we see the joy, happiness, the confidence and satisfaction it brings to them every day.  This is far too precious not to share around so this is our chance to do just that, share!

Start of the bike course

We ask that you please spread the news to anybody you feel is up to the challenge.  Please tell people face to face, use your facebook profile to share the web address of this page, tweet it to your classmates or tell your parents, your club coach, PE teacher or school principal.  Even better, why not challenge your best friend to a race, it has to be more fun than having a bucket of iced water poured over your head!

Don’t be put off by any part of the race; for example the swim which is often a bit daunting for some athletes.  Send us an email or post a message below here and we will explain how we cater for you in these cases.  Remember this is all about you challenging yourself and we will do everything we can for you on race day.  There is no other feeling like the pride as you cross the finish line.

What is the Junior Beast of the East?

You may not be familiar with the sport so, this is a triathlon which is a race comprising of a swim followed immediately by a bicycle course and then a running race without stopping in between except perhaps to change your outfit.  These changes are known as “transitions” where you will for example remove a wetsuit and put on a bike helmet to start the bike race and then after this put on running shoes for the running race phase.  The triathlon race is a race from the start of the swim to the end  of the run.  For most people however, triathlons are for the most part a challenge, the objective being to pace ones self to reach the finish.  Triathlon events are fantastic goals to set yourself and give you an amazing sense of satisfaction and confidence when you stomp across the finish line.  Trust us when we say this:  Until you try it you simply can not understand the pride you will have in your achievement.  Go on… you know you can do it!

How long is the course?

Well this will depend on how old you are.  We will have four races on the day for ages 8 – 9 year old, 10 – 11 year old, 12 – 13 year old and 14 – 15’s.   Each race will have a different distance swim, cycle and run course and the table below explains.


8-9 100m 1.5km 800m
10-11 200m 2km 1km
12-13 300m 3km 2km
14-15 400m 4km 3km

Your age on December 31st 2015 decides which age category you will be entered into.

We also hope to run a “Splash & Dash” race for under 8’s too so bring swimming gear or a wetsuit and a warm change of clothes for younger sisters and brothers!  Details of the Splash ‘n’ Dash are HERE

You can click the images below to see an aerial view of the actual swim, bike and run courses.

Swim Course     Bike Course    Run Course

We have quite some experience of running triathlon races and to ensure this race is absolutely top quality we have applied for and received sanction from Triathlon Ireland, the national governing body for the sport.  This guarantees you that a considerable amount of planning has gone into the event to ensure that we achieve a really demanding standard of safety and that your enjoyment, sport and dignity are promoted to a really high standard.

Triathlon Ireland Assured


We will be adding news to this page very soon and will have more specific instructions about the event and how you can enter.  Please check back but in the meantime, get chatting with your family, friends, classmates or clubmates and remember to share a link to this page.  This really will be a day to remember!

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