Halloween Fancy Dress Run


We could hardly ask all of our juniors to do a track or trail running session when it is trick or treat season could we?



No, instead of a muddy wet trail run we are having a fancy dress fun run and Halloween Party next Sunday, November 1st in Shoreline, Greystones (Swimming Pool Complex).

We have arranged a party room and we have rented the gym hall and we have put on a fancy dress run along the promenade (to help you burn off some of the chocolate and sweets from the night before!!!)

Big Group_900x611


So put on your spooky holloween costumes and bring along some of your stash and let’s party!

The schedule is:

  • 2:45   Meet at Shoreline Greystones (the pool/gym complex)
  • 3:00   Set off on our fancy-dress run through Greystones
  • 3:30   Back to Shoreline for a cool-down drink
  • 3:45   In to the gym hall for games
  • 4:45   Party Time!  Halloween Party in the party room
  • 5:30  Tidy up and going home time

See you all on Sunday, don’t be late and bring some treats with you.  Mums and Dad’s:  Baked goodies yes please if you can!

Run a mile for UNICEF



Kilcoole AC Logo


Well done all of our Juniors (and their significant elders) who dipped into their pocket money and joined Kilcoole Athletic Club to “Run a mile for UNICEF and Syrian Refugee Children”.  Conditions were perfect and the event was really well supported, Kilcoole AC providing water and nutrition, full commentary and pre-booked autumn sunshine.  Big fields were out in all the scheduled time slots and even though this was a charity fun run there were many personal best times set.


Top marks to Kilcoole Athletic Club who clearly mobilised a strong volunteer corps to organise, promote and run the event which really was a load of fun despite the very serious cause they were supporting, latest news suggests that over €2,000 was raised

The atmosphere was really great so well done all!


The schedule for the charity “Run a mile for children running for their lives” was follows:
12.00: First run/walk.
12.20: Second run/walk
12:40: Third run/walk
1.00: Fourth run/toddle – 100 metre ‘teddy bear dash’ for young children
1.05: Fifth run – ‘Elite run/race’ – this for all runners (especially all club runners!) who aim to complete their mile in < 7 minutes.
1.20: Sixth run/walk
1.40: Seventh/final run/walk – a ‘fancy dress’ (optional) run, and children in particular are encouraged to participate.
2.00: Wrap up.



Many of our juniors ran early with pressure to be elsewhere with more taking early slots to warm up for later.  A kids “teddy bear dash” was one of the bigger fields on the day with super commitment from all.  Grown-ups were next out, elite runners to be followed by the sporting types and as a finale, a fancy dress mile.


All in all a super day out, a real family buzz and vital funds raised for kids running for their lives.  Thanks Kilcoole AC and of course Alan Rowlette Photography for more stunning images!


Junior Beast of the East Report & Results


Saturday October 3rd saw Wicklow Triathlon Club Juniors host their first ever open entry Triathlon Ireland sanctioned triathlon event in Wicklow Town. The race was based in the ideal surroundings of Wicklow Town, Wicklow Harbour and the scenic Murrough, a 15km long coastal wetland extending north from Wicklow Harbour and the event featured no less than four race waves catering for ages 8-9,10-11, 12-13 and 14-15 year old athletes.

Knowing just how positive triathlon is for our own members, Wicklow Tri Club approached IPB Insurance to see would they help to support a race which we would like to promote right across the local community. IPB believed that the race and our mission was a good fit with their Corporate Social Engagement Framework and so the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon was born. The Junior Beast of the East was not only going to be a competitive junior triathlon held under the sporting code of Triathlon Ireland but a carnival of sport to encourage families to engage with each other in a fun and healthy competition.

We know our audience well and not wanting younger siblings to feel left out Wicklow Tri Club organised a charity splash and dash event for all kids up to the age of 7 to benefit the very worthy Wicklow Hospice Foundation.


The racing was to kick-off with the splash and dash so as soon as all the young competitors were registered and dressed for action they were given a final 12:00 noon briefing by the start line. The nervous tension exploded into a virtual melee as athletes scrambled through the chilly waters of Wicklow Harbour. The competition was fierce with more than one athlete adopting an involuntary dolphin-dive technique in the race for the final turn buoy.


Once out on dry land the disadvantage of short legs was less of an issue as some of the pint-sized athletes opened up their stride. One or two had clearly suffered a bit of early fatigue, possibly just psychological but those up front with razor sharp focus single mindedly charged on towards the finish arch a full 185 metres from the water. The applause was almost frightening but only spurred the athletes on as our own junior member Thea Sterritt dipped for the line galvanising a very strong race. Well done Thea!


Proceedings for the main event were already under way as the Splash and Dash concluded and the first wave of triathlets marched to the water’s edge. Such were the number of entries, no less than 26 in total that these athletes were released in two deep water starts for safety. Both of these time compensated groups demonstrated superb skill as they swam the slightly shortened 85metres to the exit buoy. A monster swim by Noah Harris saw him streak ahead of his competitors and he was very rapidly out of the water.8-9_Swim_Exit

Not hanging around the rest of the field followed promptly before leaving T1 on their bikes. The bike route for this race took the athletes along the promenade and back into transition where marshals were on hand to assist exit onto the run route. A slight mix-up saw Molly Sheehy sprint around what she understood to be a very short run course only to see competitors vanish into the distance. Not phased she kept her head down, adjusted her strategy and even saved some pace for a sprint finish. The older race competitors were treated to a superb display that only served to raise the adrenaline levels even further!


The second race for 10-11’s featured many of our own junior athletes but visitors form other tri clubs too, namely Pulse Tri and Fingal Tri among the 20 starters. This was to be a corker of a race with no quarter given by any of the competitors. The numbers entered in this race were so big again that they were split into two waves, the results being time corrected to compensate. From the very off it was clear that honours were at stake as the front of the pack streaked away.


Steely determination on the faces of the athletes who all seemingly oblivious to the cold as they exited the water grappling at wetsuit zippers on the run into T1. The frantic pace continued as the cycle course on this wave opened out onto the cycle path of the Wicklow Port access road. This was a challenge to all with both gradient and a bit of head-wind so local knowledge was likely a bonus. The pace of the cycle split was very respectable and all seemed great until Wicklow Tri Club’s Lily Sheehy crashed badly on the approach to transition. This had all the appearance of an early exit for Lily but probably a result of shock and comforting by Dad, one of the transition marshals Lily had made her mind up, the race was back on.


The visitors to the event were all the while putting on a fine demonstration of strength and technique but not without challenge from Wicklow Tri’s own. A margin of only two seconds separated Niklus Moelders and Finn Harris in the nail-biting finish of the boy’s race. Eva Sterrett, perhaps inspired by her sisters finish earlier stomped home to a strong win over the quite badly cut and bruised Lily Sheehy and 2015 novice Hannah McKeever a very respectable third.


The athletes in race three were bigger in size and equally as determined as previous waves with the super strong swimmer Emma Kristiansen demonstrating how it should be done. The pace of these athletes was impressive for all under 13’s and that was just in the swim. Through transition and out onto the bike course it was clear how strong the field was with Charlie Pearse, Conor Fulham, Sean Lundy and Garret Keogh all keen to make good progress ahead of the run. Careful marshaling was required at the end of the bike course such was the speed of this race. The run course made great use of the scenic Murrough which stretches out North from the transition area.


Careful pacing was always going to be key in this race with finish line pictures suggesting that none of the athletes left anything out on the course. Charlie Pearse who did so well in his first Aquathon this Summer again demonstrated his authority by trouncing the field and Emma Kristaiansen likewise almost three minutes clear of her next contender.


The final race for 14 – 15 year olds was briefed soon after the third race start and these guys were not long getting going in the water. This was the smallest race wave of the day but the distances were going to be more of a challenge than previous. The swim was an out and back course across the flat calm Wicklow Harbour totalling 400m but not a significant challenge to these athletes. The bike course took the field to the far end of the port road cycle path and back meaning that competitors had two climbing and two descending sections so strategy would be key to a fast bike split. The three kilometer run was the longest run course of the day but hardly a challenge to any of the competitors, all of whom were super well prepared for the event. Boy’s honours went to David McMahon ahead of Patrick Keogh with Ciara Shott the only lady in this wave.


What an amazing day of racing! Post race hospitality was courtesy of the Leitrim Lounge in Wicklow who also hosted the registrations and kindly provided all competitors with a cooked lunch and soup to fend off the cold. Prizes for each age category were kindly sponsored by The Sports Room in Wicklow, Cycle Super Store and Triathlon Specialist store Base2Race. We were honoured on the day with no less than two superstar triathletes to present medals and prizes. Kevin Thornton, middle distance Triathlon specialist and third in Dublin’s first 70.3 race and Con Doherty, European Junior bronze medallist and current Irish sprint distance triathlon champion were vocal in their support of the athletes and generous with their time, big respect to you both guys!

From all the race committee in the Wicklow Tri Juniors we sincerely thank all of our athletes, their families, our sponsors and especially our marshals , all 60+ members of Wicklow Tri Club who made the day possible. We’re also very grateful to Alan Rowlette who has posted all of his images on his photo gallery on facebook. Follow this link to view: Alan Rowlette Photography

Well done all!
We also hear that the Junior Beast of the East might just want to come back in 2016. Watch this space!

Age 8 – 9
Position Time Name Number
1 09:41 Noah Harris 323
2 11:20 Molly Sheehy 342
3 11:31 Eanna Buck 364
4 11:33 Blathín Holden 353
5 12:08 Charlie Brennan 335
6 12:18 Hugh Parker 313
7 12:24 Isabelle McGowan 304
8 12:26 Ellie Marshall Baugh 314
9 12:39 Ellen Harkin 326
10 13:01 Finn Lundy 300
11 13:02 Finn Morrissey 320
12 13:06 Katie McGrath 352
13 13:14 Megan Neve 310
14 13:17 Rian Morgan 372
15 13:22 William Walsh 365
16 13:24 Grainne NiLaoire 343
17 13:24 Adam Butler 368
18 13:45 Becky Dore 350
19 13:56 Kristopher Leddy 351
20 14:55 Sebastian Johnston-Moore 315
21 15:20 Teagan Elliot 356
22 16:10 Mary McElhenney 338
23 16:26 Sasha Sweeney 348
24 16:32 Fiadhna McNabb 319
25 16:35 Colm O’Neill 341
26 18:24 Sadbh Sweeney 349


Age 10 – 11
Position Time Name Number
1 15:33 Niklas Moelders 325
2 15:35 Finn Harris 324
3 17:14 Eva Sterret 321
4 18:14 Luke Ingle 346
5 18:45 Joshua Butler 369
6 18:47 Charles Coyle 355
7 18:52 Lily Sheehy 322
8 19:42 Archie Bremner 331
9 19:47 Finn Buck 363
10 20:17 Hanah McKeever 302
11 21:44 Riccardo Rasini 344
12 21:48 Alanna O’Donnell 332
13 22:07 Andrew Bowes 309
14 22:42 Jacob O’ Sheehan 316
15 22:51 Reuben O’Neill 359
16 23:20 Alexandra McGowan 303
17 23:36 Cian Crean 354
18 24:12 Luca Brady 362
19 25:20 Anna Morris 328
20 30:59 Ella Mackey 366
Age 12 – 13
Position Time Name Number
1 25:20 Charlie Pearse 337
2 26:08 Emma Kristiansen 336
3 27:00 Conor Fulham 367
4 27:56 Sean Lundy 301
5 28:13 Garret Keogh 317
6 28:56 Nicole Ingle 347
7 30:00 Tom Roth 312
8 30:16 Dylan O’Donovan 340
9 30:26 Dylan Neve 311
10 31:17 John Butler 370
11 31:34 Colm Molloy 330
12 31:43 Tim Tector 360
13 33:52 Ciaran Carey 334
14 37:20 Leah Elliot 357


Age 14 – 15
Position Time Name Number
1 32:34 David McMahon 373
2 35:28 Patrick Keogh 339
3 39:25 David King 333
4 39:46 Thade Shanahan 374
5 45:36 Christopher Bowes 307
6 46:33 Ciara Shortt 345
7 48:54 Rory Brady 361
8 51:03 Ethan Elliot 358

Race Briefing – Junior Beast of the East

Click here for race briefing document

              CLICK ANYWHERE ON ME!

Click on the image above to download/view the race briefing.  It is ESSENTIAL that all athletes digest the race briefing with a parent to be sure everybody is ready for their race.  Our marshals will brief everybody on the day with detail we can not add today (e.g.  weather conditions or other hazards that may appear on the day)


If you have any questions after you have read the race briefing please send us an email at      juniorbote2015 @ gmail.com or check out our FAQ’s page by clicking HERE

Get your entries in – Junior Beast of the East


OK people, momentum is really building as we count down the final days before the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon in Wicklow Town.

We are taking deliveries every day of really cool stuff for your goodie bags and its looking like these will be absolutely mega!  It even seems like our long standing order for good weather is due for delivery this week, how lucky is that!

This is a reminder to get your entries in now and a hub for you to find links to all the important places on our website to help you prepare for the event.  You can click on the images below to jump to the pages you need or our facebook page for updates and information.


Click this guy for Entry Information:  Beast_101_small


I'm Thinking   Or this guy if you have any questions:


Click me to find out about the courses:  Beast_Logo_Final_Blu
Wicklow_Hospice  Click the butterfly for Splash ‘n’ Dash Information:
Visit our Facebook Page for Updatesimage_facebook

See you all on Saturday, keep up the training!

Junior Beast of the East Triathlon

logo                   IPB Insuranc logo

Wicklow Triathlon Club and IPB Insurance are happy to announce that this year the Beast of the East Triathlon will be a dedicated junior event taking place on October 3rd in Wicklow Town.  This is going to be a spectacular day for all the family and we have the most amazing swim planned in Wicklow Harbour, a special bike course along the new Wicklow port access road and a run to remember along the scenic Murrough.

WTC Youth Aquathon - Alan Rowlette Photography 056

With the help of IPB Insurance the junior committee has put together a massive event which is open to all juniors from 8 to 16 years of age with a big focus on participation.  We are calling on all triathlon clubs, swimming clubs, cycling clubs, athletic clubs, rugby and football clubs, schools, societies and anybody who feels that they are up to a challenge to join us in Wicklow for the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon.

Click HERE to jump to the Junior Beast of the East Website

Junior Aquathon Results – 26/08/15

Congratulations to everyone who took part in round 2 of our Bray Junior Aquathon series. We really hope you enjoyed the evening.  We were much luckier with the sea conditions this time round and once again, the passers by were astounded at the talent and determination of the Junior athletes.  Well done to you all!  We hope to have a race report from some of our Juniors shortly.


The results for last night’s Aquathon are as follows:
Number Elapsed Time Name Class
160 0:03:30 Charlie Gannon BLUE
137 0:03:31 Noah Harris BLUE
145 0:03:57 Molly O’Bric BLUE
154 0:04:21 Adam Butler BLUE
148 0:04:25 Isabelle MacGowan BLUE
158 0:04:50 Finn Morrissey BLUE
162 0:05:00 Eanna Buck BLUE
166 0:05:03 Lorcan Flavin BLUE
134 0:05:06 Finn Lundy BLUE
136 0:09:28 Finn Harris GREEN
155 0:09:35 Joshua Butler GREEN
152 0:09:35 Maja Gralki GREEN
163 0:11:20 Raynah Byrne GREEN
140 0:11:30 Eva Sterritt GREEN
161 0:12:30 Katie Gannon GREEN
142 0:13:25 Hannah McKeever GREEN
165 0:13:39 Alannah Guilfoyle GREEN
149 0:14:07 Alexandra MacGowan GREEN
138 0:14:29 Archie Bremner GREEN
141 0:14:32 Alex McKeever GREEN
159 0:14:50 Jacob O’Sheehan GREEN
146 0:14:06 Charlie Pearse YELLOW
135 0:14:45 Seán Lundy YELLOW
139 0:15:00 Seán Pender YELLOW
156 0:15:02 John Butler YELLOW
164 0:16:39 Anna Ní Challanáin YELLOW
150 0:16:45 Garret Keogh YELLOW
151 0:17:53 Kate O’Neill YELLOW
153 0:16:37 Julia Gralki RED
157 0:16:52 John Cleary RED
147 0:19:25 David King RED
144 0:20:43 Sacha O’Neill RED
143 0:24:36 Joshua Good RED

Kids of the West Triathlon

One of our junior members recently competed in the Kids of the West Triathlon in Clare. Here is his race report- well done!
2015 saw one of our Junior members return to Carrigaholt, Co Clare to defend his third

position finish from last year.  Once again superb weather prevailed on the day and a

massive crowd of athletes and supporters assembled in the small town of Carrigaholt on

the Shannon Estuary.  The event provided race waves for age categories, nominally 8 –

10, 11 – 13 and 14 – 16 and a splash & dash event for under age competitors.


As usual Limerick Triathlon Club working with Clare Sports Partnership had put a lot of

effort into this event and a large transition area was clearly marked out and taped off

behind the break-water and a large team of marshals to support the swim, bike and run

legs of the race.  Kayak equipped marshals manned the swim course and a motorcycle

outrider was on hand to marshal the bike course.

A truly massive splash & dash entry was split into two races, again by age and this was

run ahead of the other age categories.  Nerves were clearly obvious with many athletes

apparently anxious but the mood soon changed to one of pure competition as soon as the

starters claxon was heard.  Like the last charge of the light brigade the field quickly

dispatched the water course and ran along the beach to the finish.  All finishers received

an official medal which they proudly wore supporting the later races.

Running from the eldest wave to the youngest the triathlon was executed with military

precision.  The standard of the swim leg on the 14 – 16 year old race was a clear hint that

there were some elite standard triathletes in the field.  This form continued across the bike

leg and onto the run with very strong performances from Limerick and Galway based



Our single entry to the event now in a stronger age category than last year joined a large

field for the start of the 11 – 13 year old race.  The swim leg was an out-back course

through the surf with the first half of the course into the current.  Representing his club and

coaches very well our Junior was in the top four half way through the swim and maintained

his position to the first transition.  Hampered by wet feet the first transition was a little slow

but our junior was looking forward to the bike leg.  Due to a strong headwind on the uphill

outward section of the bike leg the race director had shortened the course from 6km to

3.5km.  Not the best news for our junior who was hoping to move forwards on the bike but

he managed to hold position on the bike leg though the lead pair had stretched out their

lead considerably.



The run was 1.9km out and back and with a couple of older athletes hot on his heels

leaving T2 his best efforts on the run still saw him lose a couple of places over the course.

Perhaps not as strong as last year but one of his strongest races and most likely a

personal record on the day which was very encouraging.  The step up in age category

makes for stronger competition on the day but a solid top ten finish in a very strong field

was well deserved.

The final race of the day was the 8 – 10 year old category and had upwards of 25 entries.

The swim was again a demonstration of how much preparation goes into junior triathlon

with athletes battling through the surf.  Once again the older and stronger within the

category seemed to slowly stretch their advantage on the bike leg with the podium

positions secured before the majority of bikes had returned from the cycle leg of the race.


Once again this event was a complete success and was supported with a huge entry.

Carrigaholt is a stunning place with a superb swimming beach, wide open area for

transition and quiet scenic roads for the bike and run legs.  Many thanks again to Limerick

Triathlon Club and Clare Sports Partnership with support of Triathlon Ireland for a superb


Fingal Triathlon, Skerries

A few weeks ago 3 of our junior members raced in the Fingal Triathlon in Skerries. It was a lovely day, although the sea conditions were quite rough! 2 of the juniors raced in the same wave-a 200m swim, 2.5km bike and a 1.4km run. The youngest member did a Duathlon in the grounds of the Rugby club and did a 700m grass cycle followed by a 400m run. There were alot of kids racing and some tough competition.

They all did really well! So we just wanted to congratulate them on their efforts. Well done girls!


Junior Aquathon Bray – Results

Thank you all for attending our first ever Junior Aquathon in Bray yesterday. The sea was not kind to some of you but you should be so very proud of yourselves for braving those waves and digging deep! Well done to those who raced for the very first time too! You are all champions. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves.

WTC Youth Aquathon - Alan Rowlette Photography 056

Here are the results:


If you want to contact me i can be reached at wtcchildrensofficer@gmail.com

We hope to see you at the next one on the 26th August.


Heidi & the Junior Committee